PRM Industrial Global Co., Ltd.



PRM Industrial constantly seeks to provide value to our customers by developing innovative services and solutions.

Our customers benefit from these value driving services:

  • Advice on how to design effective queue layouts to save space, speed customer flow and comply with ADA requirements
  • Consulting expertise on the psychological aspects of queuing. Managing your customer's perception of their waiting experience is as important as managing their physical experience. We advise on how to manage that perception to improve customer satisfaction ratings
  • Product customization – need to match a specific décor or corporate color? We can produce your barriers in over 200 different colors and finishes
  • Custom belt printing – add high impact graphics or logos to your barrier belts.
  • Custom signage – our in-house sign printing department can generate custom signs within 24 hours
  • Logistics service – our team is skilled in delivering on time, high volume roll outs to multiple sites nationwide or internationally
  • Same day shipping – have an urgent order that needs to same day ship? No Problem if it’s a stock item it will ship.
  • Reliable delivery – our large finished goods inventory ensures we can meet your delivery requirements every time

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